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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fan Windspeed

With the wind-tunnel fan being phase-locked now, the speed variability which plagued earlier speed measurements should be reduced or eliminated.

The process of conducting the measurements for these graphs finds this to be the case.  Although some variability remains above 3 m/s (1000 r/min), at slower speeds the anemometer readings are steady after the phase-lock-loop settles.  The measured traces are in blue; the black curve is that used in convection calculations.  This first graph is for the wind tunnel with horizontal plate.


This second graph is with the wind tunnel laying on its side with the plate vertical.

An earlier post found that the kink just above 2 m/s is due to the anemometer; it remains.  Friction in the anemometer makes the measurements below fan speeds of 700 r/min unreliable; below fan speeds of 200 r/min the anemometer reads 0.0.

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