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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ubuntu wired network unavailable after suspend/hibernate/resume

Although the wireless network recovers after suspend/resume, 10-base-T connections did not recover in Ubuntu-10.10 (GNU/Linux) on my HP dv7.  Gib2800 fixed a similar problem in  Thread: [ubuntu] Wireless network unavailable after suspend/hibernate/resume ACER3624W MADWIFI HARDY.  But that was for Ubuntu-8.10 and locations have changed.  This post updates his instructions.

In a shell, run lshw.  In its output find the string after "driver=" in the *-network sections (my computer had one for wired and one for wireless).  Then (as root) edit  /etc/pm/config.d/config so that those driver names appear on the right-hand side of SUSPEND_MODULES= in double-quotes, separated by spaces.  For example:

SUSPEND_MODULES="ath9k r8169"

That fixed my dv7.  I rebooted after making the change, so I don't know if rebooting is necessary.

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