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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

XKCD Color Name Dictionary

New on my Color Dictionaries webpage, XKCD Color Name Survey.

XKCD's 2010 color name survey is similar to the Color Naming Experiment. Rectangles of RGB colors on a white background were presented for the subject to name.

Compared with Color Naming Experiment, XKCD has better coverage of the darkest octant.

The catalog compares XKCD with CNE. Most of the darker shades common to both dictionaries are darker in XKCD. Greens seem to be overrepresented, probably a result of generating samples from a color-space which is perceptually very nonuniform.

With its larger set of dark colors, the XKCD Color Name Dictionary surpasses the Color Naming Experiment dictionary (and X11) for surface colors, although a large portion of its colors will not print faithfully.

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